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Kitchen Cabinet Painting

We guess you already know what’s the best way to make old kitchen cabinets look new again, without paying a small fortune! Right? Paint them. Now, if you are interested in kitchen cabinet painting in Burlington, Ontario, we’d suggest turning to us.

By putting your trust in the hands of our team here at Painter Burlington, you get much more than the cabinets finished. You get to explore the color & finish options that will best match your kitchen and personal preferences. You get to enjoy the painted cabinets for years because they are prepped and finished to remain resilient against all kitchen hardships. If it’s time for kitchen cabinet refinishing, Burlington homeowners may turn to us.

Scheduling kitchen cabinet painting in Burlington

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Burlington

Assuming you live in Burlington, kitchen cabinet painting is easy to schedule. We understand that you first want to know the cost, learn about the process, and discuss your project. Have no worries. That’s exactly what happens. We provide the information you need and help you with your finish and color choices, aiming at making your kitchen modern, a perfect match to your home style, and resistant. You also get a free estimate. There’s no charge for the consultation or the estimate. And don’t worry. There’s no obligation either. And so, if you want to get into details about your kitchen cabinet painting project, why don’t you contact us?

The transformation of your kitchen cabinets in a few steps

  •          The first step of the kitchen cabinet painting service involves removing all sections, including hardware.
  •          The pros focus on prepping all cabinet surfaces. Since they have endured a lot over the years, the cabinets – and drawers and all parts – are cleaned, sanded, and perfected. Their flaws are fixed. The surface is smoothened.
  •          Once all surfaces are prepped, they are finished. They are primed and finished, as discussed with you from the beginning.

Now, the ways to finish kitchen cabinets vary. It depends on the material of the cabinets and your specific expectations and aesthetic style. The good news is that there are choices. The even better news is that when you assign the job to the best painters in Burlington, the least you can expect is knowledge.

Experienced painters refinish kitchen cabinets

All painters are updated with the latest trends and colors. They are experienced with all materials and so, suggest the right coatings for the cabinet’s material, ensuring excellent performance for many years. Familiar with all painting techniques, they suggest the best methods to finish your cabinets, based on your needs, the material, and the kitchen’s style.

Be sure of our company’s availability for all services: kitchen cabinet repainting, painting, and staining. Once again, it depends on the cabinets’ material and what you want. On all occasions, the cabinets are sealed so that they will be easy to clean and remain resistant for years to come.

Are you ready to talk about your kitchen cabinets? If you want to talk about your kitchen cabinet painting, Burlington contractors are at your service.